for Music, Health, and Social Service professionals and Family Care partners

Judith-Kate Friedman leads an SW Session

Trainees experience Songwriting Works’ person-centered approach which emphasizes quality of life for those receiving and those providing care. Training takes place in a “fail-safe zone” where learning, confidence and skills building, humor and hands-on practice combine to affirm the intelligence and heart of everyone who serves.

Topics include:
  • Music as an Innovation in Dementia Care
  • The Songwriting Works™ Experience – Introductory Training
  • Bring It On Home: Musical Tools for Family Care Partners
  • Building Brain Health through Community Songwriting and Performance
  • Songwriting Works’ Intergenerational Community MusicTeams™ Model
  • Facilitator Certification for Professional Songwriters

Trainings are designed with sponsor agencies to meet specific goals and objectives and maximize impact. Trainees receive practical tools they can use immediately along with research-supported ‘best practices’ and empowering exercises that bring each person’s creativity and resourcefulness to the fore. Formats range in scope from two-hour introductions to four-day intensives to full facilitator certification programs.

for Health Administrators, Arts Leaders and Educators:

Leaders and managers gain immediately applicable skills and new ways to measure and assure program impacts and maximize and sustain satisfaction for staff, clients, community, and themselves. Training resources include research-based models, the latest cost-benefit data, and demonstrations of music and related arts programs which result in tangible health and quality of life benefits for older adults, family care partners and providers in residential care, lifelong learning, and community settings.

Topics include:
  • Nuts & Bolts of Successful Programs: Design, Facilitation & Evaluation
  • Sustaining Arts-in-Health and Culture Change Partnerships
  • Rural Health, Vital Arts, and Aging: Building Networks that Work
  • Cultural Competence: Music as a Key to Diversity Awareness across the continuum of Age, Ethnicity and Ability
  • Songwriting as Service – New Paths for Professional Musicians