Songs at the Center of Care™

Keeth and participant share a joke at Life Care of Port Townsend

SW’s Music Companions™ adapts SW’s popular MusicTeam model for families and communities living with dementia. This user-friendly program gives companion care partners –those living with and without memory loss – new ways to communicate through making music.

Music Companions™ brings music alive for all involved as participants gain easy access to the proven social and health benefits of music-making and SW’s 8 principles of Creative Engagement by sharing songs as both listeners and as creative originators. No prior musical background is required.

Led by certified music facilitators, companions discover (and re-discover) music’s powerful role in well-being, joy, and boosting brain health as they experience SW’s award-winning research-based approach first-hand.

Reported outcomes of Songwriting Works™ methods include:

  • Increased joy, expression, connection, self-esteem, hope, dignity, empowerment and a sense of belonging.
  • Family caregivers speak of music-making time with their loved ones as “respite.”
  • People living with memory loss express delight and gratitude for this process, which confirms their personhood and opens new avenues to be seen, heard and appreciated through music.

SW is developing partnerships with aging, wellness, housing and care providers in Wisconsin, Washington state and California to pilot MusicCompanions™ in home and residential care networks. We are committed to bringing this program to rural, suburban and urban communities. Interested in joining us? Contact us!